Port Infrastructure Facilities

     Sochi Branch has obtained all necessary kinds of shore and port infrastructure to ensure the level of performance as required by Statute on the FSUE "Rosmorport" Sochi Branch.

     As of 01.07.2018 the Branch manages 77 items of realty of different functions located in Sochi Seaport:
     • Mooring and shore line facilities – 41 items (berths, malls, embankments);
     • Underwater facilities – 3 items (Sochi seaport operational basin);
     • Buildings and premises – 14 items (buildings);
     • Service structures and constructions – 19 items (navigations safety facilities, navigation positioning system facilities, vessel traffic control system facilities, etc.).

     The Branch mooring facilities constitue 63.4 % (with 26 items) of all Branch's property, which is 79 % of all mooring items in the seaport.

     Total length of all berths of the Branch is 3.1 km constituing 70.4 % of length of all berths in Sochi Seaport.