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Boundaries of Sochi Seaport Changed

Under the Government of Russia Directive No. 1635-r of July 28, 2017, amendments have been made to the boundaries of the seaport of Sochi.

The corrections are related to the exclusion of an area of the seaport of Sochi and defining two additional areas. In particular, part of area of Section No 6 has been excluded from the boundaries of the seaport. Its infrastructure does not envision services of vessels and passengers, operations with cargoes and other services, which are usually rendered in the seaport. The rest of the area on which the technical area and the bunkering base are located is divided into two sections (Section No 19 and Section No 20) and included in the boundaries of the seaport of Sochi.

For reference:

The Sochi Branch uses 53 plots of land with the total space of 5.7 ha in the seaport of Sochi under tenancy and on terms of de-facto land use. This amounts 27% of the total space of plots of land of the seaport.