Sochi Branch Ecological Activities

Sochi Branch Ecological Activities

I. Environmental protection during current economic activities
       1. Atmoshperic air protection
       2. Water resources protection
       3. Land plots protection
       4. Waste disposal
 II. Environmental protection during construction or reconstruction of port infrastructure objects
III. Sochi Branch enviromental protection expenses
IV. Enviromental activities prospects 

     The FSUE "Rosmorport" Sochi Branch main ecological aims are:
     - decrease of the Branch's activities negative impact on the enviroment;
     - implementation of federal and regional normative legal acts in the field of environment protection;
     - production control of the Branch's enviromental activities.
     The Sochi Branch carries out ecological activity in accordance with the annual plan of environment protection activities in accordance with the Russian Federeation environmental legislation and also in accorance with the Production Ecological Control Statute, approved by the Sochi Branch director on 31.08.2011. 
     To carry out ecological activity the Sochi Branch disposes of an ecologist, who solve all the issues, connected with the enviromental protection. The Branch's ecologist has the necessary specialized education on the specialty «environmental protection and rational usage of natural resources» and also 3 years of professional experience. This allows him to provide an opportune systematic control of high quality of environmental legislation requirments implementation.
     I. Environmental protection during current economic activities 

     The environmental protection activities conducted by the Sochi Branch in the sphere of environmental protection during current economic activities are implemented in the following directions:

     1. Atmospheric air protection 

     The Sochi Branch disposes of motor vehicles and vessels of service/auxiliary fleet. All the vehicles are regullary serviced in accordanse with the schedule of planned technical service and the state technical inspection. The fuel of high ecological standards are used while exploiting the vessels.
     In accordance with the requirments of the enviromental legislation, the Sochi Branch developed the project of guidelines on maximum emissions of polluting substances to the atmospheric air. On the ground of this project the Branch obtained the permission to emit harmful substances (pollutants) to the atmospheric air dated 27.01.2009 № В02С/348. The permission was issued by the North-Caucasian Interregional Department on Technical and Ecological Supervision.
     In 2012 the Sochi Branch conducted the inventory of objects of negative enviromental influence and  harmful physical influence on the atmospheric air. The guidelines on maximum emissions of polluting substances to the atmospheric air project, developed in accordance with the enviromental legislation, is submited to the Rosprirodnadzor Krasnodar Territory and Adygei Republic Department to issue the permission to emit harmful substances to the atmospheric air for next 5 years.

     2. Water resources protection

     The FSUE “Rosmorport” Sochi Branch received all water licences necessary for constuction of hydrotechnical structures in the Sochi seaport waters made 4 water usage contracts with the Rosvodresursy Kuban Basin Department in order to place vessels in 5 sea terminals (Ashe, Kurpark, Mamayka, Novye Sochi) dated 24.11.2010 № ВО-М-ДРБВ-Т-2010-00916/00, № ВО-М-ДРБВ-Т-2010-00917/00, № ВО-М-ДРБВ-Т-2010-00918/00, № ВО-М-ДРБВ-Т-2010-00920/00, valid till 01.01.2025.

     In accordance with the approved program on water objects monitoring the Sochi Branch, with the help of certified laboratory conducts, quarterly selects and analysis the canitary sewage samples in order to:
     - timely detect and predict negative procceses development that influence the water quality in the given area, as well as development and realization of measures on prevention of negative effects from such procceses;
     - efficiency assessment of the water object protection;
     - information support of water objects protection and usage management, including state control and supervision for water objects protection and usage;
     Analytic control data along with reports on water protection and aquicultural measures are given to the Kuban Basin Department every quarter of the year.
     As the results of 2013 show no cases of water objects pollution were detected.     

     3. Land plots protection 

       In order to prevent pollution and littering of the Sochi Branch territory, the branch takes the following measures: 
      - maintenance of temporary storage places in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation; 
       - regular cleaning of the territory from garbage;
       - control of fulfilling of lessees' duties on preventing pollution or littering of the used land plots.

     4. Wastes disposal

     The Sochi Branch conducts systematic measures on lowering of pollution caused by the Branch's activity.     
     In accordance with the legislation, the Rosprirodnadzor Krasnodar Territory and Adygei Republic Department approved the norms of waste production and limits for waste disposal for the Sochi Branch dated 20.02.2012 №01.04/255.
     The Sochi Branch constructed temporaty waste storages, keeps records of volumes of wastes produced by the Branch's activities, and controls places of their temporary disposition and accumulation and also frequency of their disposal. The Branch's waste belong to I-V hazard class. Waste of I and II class conclude1%.
     For waste utilization, the Branch concluded contracts on waste usage and neutralization with specialized licenced organizations. Waste of I-II hazard class is recycled by the specialized companies. Waste of III hazard class are also received by specialized companies for further neutralization, processing and utilization.

     All the solid domestic waste, produced by the Sochi Branch, are disposed at the municipal waste disposal polygons by specialized companies. 

     II. Environmental protection during construction or reconstruction of port infrastructure objects

     In order to implement the Federal Program on preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014, and to develop the city of Sochi as a mountain and climatic resort, the Sochi Branch realizes several projects on the sea port of Sochi port infrastructure objects construction and reconstruction. The Branch as and owner/developer participates in construction of the sea port of Sochi coastal infrastructure in order to create 8 sea terminals of the sea port (Imeretinka, Adler, Kurgorodok, Khosta, Matsesta, Dagomys, Loo, Lazarevskoye), and also to create the cargo area in the river Mzymta mouth.
     Three objects of capital construction were discussed at the public hearings and were positivly appreciated by the state ecological examination on the project documentation compliance with the Russian enviromental protection legislation:
     - Rostekhnadzor order dated 19.06.2009 №536;
     - Rosprirodnadzor order dated 10.11.2011 №811;
     - Rosprirodnadzor order dated 11.07.2012 №354.

     All the construction works are provided by the organizations, chosen by tenders, in the strict accordance with the norms and requirments of the Russin enviromental legislation. Each organization received the package of ecological documents for their capital construction objects:
     - permission for emissions into the atmosphere of pollutants and other substances;
     - permission for discharges of harmful substances into water bodies;
     - permission for production and consumption waste disposal.
     During the construction works process the complex of administrative and technical measures on prevention of air and water bodies pollution and on decrease of negative impact on farmsteads and fauna.
     In order to prevent and decrease negative enviromental impact during construction works the production ecological control is conducted.
     To prevent atmospheric air from dusting at construction areas, the special places for cleaning of tires of transport leaving a constuction area. The technology of circulation supply system is used to prevent pollution with waste water. Bulk cargos and dust-forming materials transportation is carried out by subcontractors with the obligatory use of specially equipped freight transport with an awning. Dust control is conducted at construction areas due to daily moistening of the soil. Responsible persons make records in the irrigation log-book. Temporal storage in bulk of bulk and dust-forming materials is not allowed at construction areas. There materials are kept solely in airtight tares and are unsealed strictly before the use. After the use materials are placed in a redeemable tare and removed for utilization. 
     In the field of water resources protection during construction:
     - control of strict adhearance to the technologies to prevent a leakage of fuel or lubricants to the water areas during vehicles fueling and exploitation;
     - the parking, repair works and fueling of motor vehicles is restricted in water protection areas;
     - waste collection and temporaty placement is conducted at special areas outside the shelter belt and water protection areas;
     - construction waste is timely removed for recycling;
     - construction materials are stored at areas, equiped by the special drain system.
     In order to compensate water biological water resources detriment in June, 2012 into rivers Kuban and Mzymta were placed 330.000 fries of sterlet and 17.000 fries of Black sea salmon. In July, 2012 500.000 fries of sterlet were placed into the Krasnodar reservoir. Total cost of these works concluded more than 7 mlb rubles. In 2013 the Sochi Branch plans to place more than 2.6 mln fries of Black sea salmon into rivers Shakhe, Mzymta and Psou.

     As to waste, produced during construction works, the Branch conducts works on ogranized accumulation at special storages and on regular removal with the help of licenced specialized organizations.    
     The total amount of expenses on enviroment protection measures during construction and reconstruction works concludes 3.3 mln rubles, including payments for negative enviromental impact.

     III. Sochi Branch enviromental protection expenses  

      In 2011 the Sochi Branch's expenses for all the enviroment protection activities (including payments for negative enviromental impact) concluded 3.3 million rubles. 

     The Sochi Branch's expences lowered because EPC contractors constructing and reconstructing objects take these expences upon themselves. Total expenses of the Sochi Branch and EPC contractors, conduction construction works have a tendency of annual growth.

     IV. Enviromental activities prospects 

     The FSUE "Rosmorport" Sochi Branch intends to to continue active work in the field of environment protection. Main tasks for the nearest future are:
       - to improve the production ecological control system; 
       - to improve the Branch's employees skills in enviromental actirities in order to decrease ecological risks and to increase ecological performance; 
       - to implement energy and resoures saving technologies; 
       - to develop and implement the complex of measures to reduce emissions of polluting substances in atmosphere and waste production during the Branch's economic activities.