Petropavlovsk Branch Structure

     Navigation and Pilotage Service
     Technical Maintenance, Modernization and Development of Port Infrastructure Facilities Service

     Communications, Electroradionavigation and IT Service

       - Communications, Electroradionavigation and IT Department 

       - Communications Control Center

          а) Receiving Radio Center

          b) Transmitting Radio Center

          c) Shore-based faicility of GMDSS sea area A2

     Sector for Navigational and Hydrographic Provision

     Ships Crews
     Accountants’ Department
     Legal Sector

     Personnel Management Sector

     Security Department

     Transport Security Department

     Mobilization Training and Civil Defence Sector

     Department for Technical Supervision over Waters

     Classified Division

     Labor Safety Sector

     Power Supply Sector

     Property Operation Sector

     Mooring Brigade

     Maintenance Sector

     Transport Operation Sector

     Administrative Office