Berth Assignment Services

     1. General information

     2. Berth assignment terms and conditions

     3. Statistics

     4. Contacts

     1. General information 

     The Petropavlovsk branch provides services connected with assignment of berth № 5 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky seaport to vessels with the length of no more than 104 m and with the draught of no more than 8.2 m, without handling operations.

Specification of berth № 5 for vessel mooring

Berth Depth at moorage wall, m Moorage wall length, m
Berth № 5 9,3 113

Berth No 5 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Berth No 5 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

     2. Berth assignment terms and conditions 

     The berths assignment services are provided by the Petropavlovsk Branch in accordance with conditions of a multiple service contract (the Contract). 
     To make a contract the shipowner/marine agent shall send an application form to the branch by fax: +7 (4152) 21-31-05, or by e-mail The application will be examined within 3 working days. After the examination a prepared Contract will be sent to the shipowner/marine agent for signing. The original copy of the Contract signed by the shipowner/marine agent shall be sent back to the branch at the address: Sapun-Gora St 5, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy 683010, Kamchatsky Territory, Russia. 
     In exceptional cases, for the purpose of operational efficiency a berth for vessel mooring can be provided by the Petropavlovsk Branch to potential customers without signing a contract payable on a prepaid over a written request.

     The request for berth assignment is sent to the Petropavlovsk Branch by fax +7 (4152) 43-41-32, or a scan is e-mailed to

     The request is considered by the Petropavlovsk within 24 hours as of the date of receipt; then in the absence of technical restrictions the Branch will issue an invoice and a bill for providing a berth of the Petropavlovsk Branch. The bill should be paid by a customer before vessel mooring.

     Upon receipt of pre-payment, the Petropavlovsk Branch provides a berth for mooring the customer’s vessel.

     If the actual time of mooring exceeds the scheduled time, the customer will be issued an invoice and a bill to pay for extra time of use of the Petropavlovsk Branch berth. The bill should be paid within five days from the date of issuing the bill.
     For any additional information on the Contract execution, please contact: 
       - telephone: +7 (4152) 21-29-35, add 113 (Monday through Friday 08:30-17:00 GMT+12). 

     The information about berth assignment services dues and their collection can be found in the section “Harbour Dues and Tariffs of the Petropavlovsk Branch”. 

     3. Statistics 

     Information on the number of vessels having moored at berth No. 5 in seaport Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Seaport:
Year Number of vessels
2009–2019 ⇲
2009 64
2010 63
2011 112
2012 18
 2016  –



2018 152
2019 135
2020 158
2021 168
2022 231
2023 301

      4. Contacts 

     For any additional information on the berth No. 5 assignment, please contact: 
       - telephone: +7 (4152) 43-41-32 (24 h);
       - or send a request by fax: +7 (4152) 43-41-32 or e-mail: