Pilotage Services

    1. General Information 
    2. Information on the pilotage area 
    3. The pilotage services terms and conditions 
    4. Statistics 
    5. Contacts 

     1. General Information 

     The FSUE “Rosmorport” Petropavlovsk branch provides round-o-clock pilotage services to vessels calling at seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. 
     The FSUE “Rosmorport” Petropavlovsk branch Pilotage service employs 6 high-grade pilots. 

     The training of Petropavlovsk branch pilots meets the requirements of Regulations for sea pilots approved by the Ministry of Transport order No. 462 of November 6, 2020 “On Approving of Regulations for sea pilots”. The branch pilots execute skill improvement and training in Kamchatka State Technical University (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) and in the G.I. Nevelskoy Maritime State Academy (Vladivostok). 
     The Petropavlovsk branch Pilot service has all necessary vessels and vehicles in its disposal for timely pilot delivery to vessels. 

     2. Information on the pilotage area 

      According to the Compulsory resolutions on the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky approved by FSE “Administration of Seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky” dated 25.09.2006 № 21 (as amended and supplemented) (Compulsory regulations), an inport pilotage in the seaport of Petropavlovsk is compulsory in the following cases: 
       1) in the Avacha bay and on the approaches for the following vessels: 
         • foreign vessels, 
         • vessels with hazardous cargo, 
         • gas carriers, 
         • civil vessels with nuclear-powered-plants, 
       2) for vessels with more than 10 000 tons gross tonnage and for tankers with more than 3 000 tons gross tonnage on the route from the anchorage places to all berths and piers of the Avacha bay and back; 
       3) for all vessels entering/leaving the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky water area. 

     In order to charge harbor dues in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky seaport, inport and outport pilotage areas have the follosing boundaries:
     - pilotages in the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, which are conducted at inport pilotage rates are performed within the seaport  water area borders set by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 19.05.2010 № 796-р;
     - pilotages in the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, which are conducted at outport pilotage rates are performed from the pilot embarkation point in waiting sector № 1 (circumference with radius 7,5 cable’s length and a center point 52° 50,7'N; 158° 44,3'Е) up to the water area borders of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky seaport. 
     The outer pilotage distance is about 13 sea miles.
     Pilot embarkation/disembarkation to/from vessel heading towards/leaving the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is performed in waiting area № 1, and pilot disembarkation/embarkation at the berths of the seaport.
     Pilot embarkation/disembarkation for inport pilotage operations connected to mooring, remooring, shifting or other transition of vessels within the water area of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky seaport is performed at the berths of the seaport, or at roads (anchorage) stations. 

     3. The pilotage services terms and conditions 

     The Petropavlovsk branch provides round-o-clock pilotage services in the seaport of Petropavlovsk in accordance with the Compulsory resolutions requirements, on the basis of the shipowners`/marine agents` requests in the presidency order.
     The following vessels are exempted from the obligatory pilotage, in accordance with the Compulsory resolutions: 
       • small-size vessels; 
       • vessels who constantly work within the established obligatory pilotage under the control of captains who passed qualification examination and have sufficient work experience in navigation with pilot; 
       • vessels and ships of Russian Navy, Coastal security of the Border Service of Federal Security Service, Federal Customs service by the command authority presentation; 
       • vessels under the control of captains who have acquired a Pilotage Exemption Certificate (PEC) for the appointed vessels in the established navigation area, issued by the Qualification Committee with the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky captain in the chair in the established order.
     Beyond the areas of compulsory pilotages in the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky pilotages are conducted by the Petropavlovsk Branch on a contractual basis.
     A pilotage request for vessels calling at/leaving the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is filed to the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky branch Pilotage service by fax (+7 (4152) 41-43-32) or by e-mail (pilotptr@gmail.com) 24 hours before the vessel’s arrival/departure to the pilot embarkation point and is approved no later than 4 hours before the pilotage. 
     A pilotage request for vessels on the roadstead and at the seaport’s berths is filed to the Petropavlovsk branch Pilotage service of by fax (+7 (4152) 41-43-32) or by e-mail (pilotptr@gmail.com) no later than 2 hours of the supposed steering. 

     A pilot arriving to the vessel produces a receipt confirming his right to implement the pilotage of the vessel, where the fact of the pilotage and possible commentaries to his work are put, to the captain. 
     The receipts, filled in and signed by the vessel’s captain, are the grounds for the pilotage fare calculation. The vessel’s captain hands to the pilot an IMO established type pilot card with precise information about the vessel and informs the pilot on controllability features and the vessel’s condition. 

     The Petropavlovsk branch is not responsible for possible delays and demurrage in the following cases: 
       • if the pilotage request was filed out-of-date; 
       • the vessel arrived to the embarkation point an hour late of stated time or more; 
       • an embarkation is impossible due to the storm weather (sea roughness 4 points or more, waves height 2 meters or more) leading pilotage, according to the pilot and the captain, is impossible in current conditions. 
     The pilotage being delayed for 30 minutes of stated time or longer due to the captain’s fault, the pilot can be recalled from the vessel and the request can be annulled. The vessel’s captain or an acting person is obliged to sign a pilot receipt and pay 50 % recovery of the pilot dues according to the current tariffs for pilotage. 

     The request revocation must be executed no later than 1,5 hours before the operation. 

     The Petropavlovsk branch pilotage services are charged by the pilotage dues. The information about pilotage dues and their collection can be found in subsection “The Petropavlovsk Branch Harbor Dues and Tariffs”. 

     4. Statistics 

     Information on the pilotages in the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, executed by the FSUE “Rosmorport” Petropavlovsk branch. 

Year Number of steerings Total length of steerings
in nautical miles
2007 4,177 6,402
2008 3,526 6,037
2009 4,013 5,869
2010 3,446 3,502
2011 3,269 3,313
2012 3 012 2 965
2013 3,159 3,389
2014 2,660 3,142
2015 2,697 11,288
2016 3,559 13,976
2017 4,335 16,468
2018 4,124 14,439
2019 4,445 14,942
2020 2,345 18,037
2021 2,982 18,180
2022 6,127 19,606

     5. Contacts 

     For any additional reference information about pilotage services provided by the FSUE “Rosmorport” Petropavlovsk branch please, contact: 
       - telephone: 
         +7 (4152) 43-41-42 or +7 (4152) 43-41-32 (24h); 
       - fax: +7 (4152) 43-41-32; 
       - e-mail: pilotptr@gmail.com