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List of completed projects on port infrastructure federal facilities development in the seaport of Murmansk under implementation of the Murmansk Branch

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Reconstruction of the Maritime Station building in the seaport of Murmansk is carried out in order to strengthen the structures of the building, create conditions for servicing people with limited mobility, separate service areas for passengers heading for inland lines and international cruise lines, create additional areas for placing services of the seaport of Murmansk captain.

Project implementation will contribute to improving conditions for passenger servicing both on inland and international lines in the seaport of Murmansk, will create conditions for the development of maritime cruise tourism in the Murmansk region

The Maritime Station Building Reconstruction project in the seaport of Murmansk envisages performance of:

     1) partial disassembly of the building (dismantling);

     2) strengthening foundation soil (tarring);

     3) installation of reinforced concrete foundation slab and building re-supporting (replacement of pile foundations with the slab on natural base);

     4) strengthening walls of the building;

     5) installation of monolithic slabs;

     6) building on the third floor of the building;

     7) roofing;

     8) baffles installation;

     9) installation of technological equipment and engineering systems;

     10) facade finish and installation of architectural elements of the facade;

     11) landscaping territory around the building;

     12) external power supply network installation;

     13) external network backup power installation;

     14 external water supply networks (primary and backup water supply) installation;

     15) external communication networks, laying of fiber-optic communication lines;

     16) external networks of household and storm sewage with installation of local treatment facilities.


According to the results of the Maritime Station Building Reconstruction:

     a) conditions will be created for access to the station building of people with limited mobility;

     b) internal lines area for 50 passengers with two rows of windows waiting room and a snack bar of 16 seats will be built. On the ground floor in internal lines area apart from the waiting room there will be located:

          - cash desks rooms;

          - referral service and station duty officer rooms;

          - luggage storage room;

          - Sanitary facilities.

     On the second floor:

          - foyer with seating for waiting;

          - first-aid station;

          - room of kiosk of typographic products.

     c) area of international cruise lines with land checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation with an estimated throughput of 120 passengers per hour in one direction will be arranged. For passengers in international lines area there will be:

          - passport and customs control rooms with seats for waiting;

          - sanitary facilities in the regime and non-regime zones.

     Rooms will be provided with information stands and racks for filling necessary documents, including passenger customs declarations.

     d)  the existing building will have another floor, in rooms of which service of the Captain of the seaport of Murmansk and a conference room for 30 people will be placed.

OOO “RSK Vozrozhdenie”

Contract No. 719/DO-15 dated 10.07.2015 (performance of works on pre-building preparation)

State contract No. 1058/DO-15 dated 19.11.2015 (performance of all construction and installation works complex, except for works on pre-building preparation)

Video of Maritime Station Building reconstruction


Video report of the Murman State Radio Television Company


Video report of the Murman State Radio Television Company

Deadline for completion of works under the State contract: September 15, 2016;

Deadline for facilities commissioning: November, 2016

Building facade diagram

Land plot planning organization diagram

Project site layout plan

Layout plan (satellite view)

Facade with illumination (view from pier)

Facade with illumination (view from the city)