Pilotage Services

     1. General Information 

     The FSUE “Rosmorport” Magadan branch provides pilotage services to all vessels calling at the seaport of Magadan. 
     The Magadan branch Pilotage service includes 4 pilots: 2 high-grade pilots, 1 second-grade pilot and 1 pilot trainee. 
     Being highly skilled professionals, the Magadan branch pilots are always ready to execute imposed duties. 

     2. Information on pilotage areas 

     In accordance with the Compulsory resolutions on the seaport of Magadan approved by the order of FSE “Administration of Seaport of Magadan” dated 31.05.2006 № 22, pilotage to the berths of the seaport of Magadan to the east from the meridian 150°39,0'E is considered to be inport, and a pilotage to the west from the meridian 150°39,0'E is an outport one. 
     By the seaport of Magadan captain’s order (letter dated 23.10.2009 № АМП-1037) the obligatory pilotage borders are set as follows: 
       a) the obligatory pilotage area № 1 (Nagaev Bay) is limited by the coast line and straight lines connecting in order the following dotes with coordinates: 
         № 1 59°32'59,0"N 150°39'00,0"E; 
         № 2 59°32'28,0"N 150°39'00,0"E; 
         № 3 59°33'32,0"N 150°45'30,0"E; 
         № 4 59°33'50,5"N 150°45'30,0"E; 
       b) the obligatory pilotage area № 2 (Nagaev Bay) is limited by sector of the 239°-319° circumference drawn by 5 cable’s length with a center point 59°32'18,0"N 150°46'00,0"E.

       c) the obligatory pilotage area № 3 (Vesyolaya bay) is limited by a coastline and lines connecting in order the following dotes with coordinates: 
         № 1 59°31'15,0"N 150°56'30,0"E; 
         № 2 59°28'48,0"N 150°57'42,0"E. 

     Inport pilotage embarkation and debarkation are executed in the following areas: 
       • Nagaev bay, an area limited by straight lines connecting the points with following coordinates: 
         59°32'28,0"N 150°39'00,0"E; 
         59°31'49,5"N 150°39'00,0"E; 
         59°32'54,0"N 150°45'30,0"E; 
         59°33'32,0"N 150°45'30,0"E; 
       • Vesyolaya bay, an area limited by a circumference drawn by a 2 cable’s radius in a center point 59°30'00,0"N 151°00'00,0"E (for vessels with explosives aboard). 
     When heavy weather conditions (wind speed over 12 m/s, wave height over 1,5 m), and also during winter navigation in ice conditions, pilot embarkation and debarkation can be implemented in different places providing secure pilot embarkation and debarkation, in agreement between a pilot and a vessel’s captain and with a following notice of the Magadan branch VTS. 

     3. The pilotage services terms and conditions 

     According to the Compulsory resolutions on the seaport of Magadan, the inport pilotage in the seaport water area is compulsory for all vessels and round-o-clock, with the Magadan branch providing pilotage services to vessels calling at/leaving the seaport in order of filed requests precedence. 
     Pilotage requests for vessels calling at the seaport of Magadan or leaving the port are filed by the marine agent/shipowner no later than 2 hours before the approach to a pilot embarkation point or departure from the port by fax (+7 (4132) 63-09-56) with post redispatching of the original or delivered to the reception of the FSUE “Rosmorport” at address: Seaport of Magadan, administrative building, 4th floor. 
     To specify embarkation/debarkation place and time one can get in touch with the pilot on duty of the Magadan branch by a round-o-clock telephone: +7 (902) 508-82-07. 
     The request revocation must be implemented no later than an hour before the pilotage time.
When more than one hour from the announced time pilotage delay, due to the non force majeure circumstances, pilot can be withdrawn from the vessel with the request annulled. The vessel captain (or an acting person) must sign a false call receipt to pay it in the established order of the pilotage dues and file a new request. 
     A pilot arriving to the vessel produces a receipt confirming his right to implement the pilotage of the vessel, where the fact of the pilotage and possible commentaries to his work are put, to the captain. The receipts, filled in and signed by the vessel’s captain, are the grounds for the pilotage fare calculation. 
     The vessel’s captain hands to the pilot an IMO established type pilot card with precise information about the vessel and informs the pilot on controllability features and the vessel’s condition. 
     The Pilotage service of the Magadan branch is not responsible for the possible delays and demurrage due to the waiting for a pilot in the following cases: 
       - the request is filed out-of-time or the vessel arrived to the embarkation point more than an hour late of the stated time; 
       - embarkation/debarkation is impossible due to weather or ice conditions and a leading pilotage, according to the pilot and the captain, is impossible in this conditions. 
     The Magadan branch pilotage services are charged by the pilotage dues. The information about pilotage dues and their collection can be found in subsection “The Magadan branch Harbor Dues and Tariffs”. 

     4. Statistics 

Inport steerings
Outport steerings

Number of
Total length
of steerings
in nautical

Number of
Total length
of steerings
in nautical
2013 649 586
2014 580 479 4 8

     5. Contacts 

     For any additional reference information about pilotage services provided by the FSUE “Rosmorport” Magadan branch please, contact: 
       - telephone: +7 (902) 508-82-07 (24h); 
       - fax: +7 (4132) 63-09-56; 
       - e-mail: mail@mgd.rosmorport.ru.