VTS Services

1. General information
2. Makhachkala Port VTS Area
3. Terms and conditions of navigation services with the use of Makhachkala VTS
4. Statistics
5. Contacts

     1. General information
Здание СУДС порта Махачкала
     The FSUE “Rosmorport” Makhachkala Branch provides navigation services using Makhachkala Port VTS to vessels calling at Makhachkala seaport or transiting its waters.
Makhachkala Port VTS complies with all current requirements and operates in order to support the safety of navigation, the efficiency of sailing, protection of human life at sea and protection of marine environment and Caspian Sea coast at the waters of Makhachkala Seaport and its approaches.
     The Makhachkala Port VTS serves to:
     - transmit navigation, operational and other information to vessels;
     - regulate of vessel traffic in accordance with daily vessel traffic plans approved by Makhachkala Seaport Master;
     - render assistance in navigation;
     - control movement and disposition of vessels at anchoring stations of Makhachkala Seaport by radar.
     The Makhachkala Port VTS consists of:
     - Makhachkala Port VTS Control Center;
     - radio technical post.
     According to the results of VTS certification of Makhachkala Seaport, the branch has received a certificate No. VTS-3/1-2814-2013 dated 13.12.2013 on compliance of Makhachkala Port VTS to the technical and operational requirements No. MF-02-22/848-70 and requirements of IMO Resolution A.857(20) for a second-category VTS.
     Makhachkala Port VTS operates 24/7.
     The Makhachkala Port VTS staff is 9 operators who have undergone professional training and have been certified in compliance with IALA V-103 requirements.
     2. Makhachkala Port VTS Area
Схема зоны действия СУДС порта Махачкала
     In accordance with the Compulsory Regulations in Makhachkala Seaport approved by order of Ministry of Transport of Russia No. 361 dated 25.11.2013, the Makhachkala Port VTS area is limited by coastline and a radius of 15.1 sea miles going from 42°59,7' N 047°30,7' E (northern end of the eastern bulwark of the bulk cargo harbor).
     Within the Makhachkala Port VTS area stable UHF radio telephone communication with vessels and radar control are provided.
     The operational area of AIS coast stations fully covers the Makhachkala Port VTS area.
     3. Terms and conditions of navigation services with the use of Makhachkala VTS
Оператор СУДС порта Махачкала за работой     Navigation services with the use of Makhachkala Port VTS are provided by the Makhachkala Branch in accordance with IMO Resolution A.857(20) requirements, Common Rules for Vessel Navigation and Mooring in the Seaports of the Russian Federation and Approaches to them approved by Ministry of Transport of Russia order No. 140 dated 20.08.2009 and Compulsory Regulations in Makhachkala Seaport approved by Ministry of Transport of Russia order No. 361 dated 25.11.2013.
     All ships and vessels, which are fitted with maritime mobile service radio devices, shall follow the rules for vessel navigation in the Makhachkala Port VTS area when under way in the area, irrespective of their subordination and ownership.
     On entering the Makhachkala Port VTS area the vessel shall transmit the following information to Makhachkala Port VTS operator:
     - IMO number;
     - vessel name and type;
     - MMSI;
     - vessel flag;
     - destination port;
     - maximal actual vessel draught;
     - cargo type and amount, presence of hazardous cargo and class of hazard;
     - number of crew members and passengers at vessel;
     - occurrence of vessel technical troubles and other limitations, which influence the safety of navigation;
     - other information upon request of Makhachkala Port VTS operator.
     Navigational, operational and other information is transmitted by Makhachkala Port VTS upon vessel request or order of port master in case of planned or existing changes in traffic situation and storm alerts, which can have an effect on navigation safety in the Makhachkala Port VTS area. Hydro meteorological information to vessels in Makhachkala Seaport is transmitted by Makhachkala Port VTS two times a day on VHF Ch. 68 and upon vessel request. Critical messages and storm alerts are transmitted by VHF Ch. 16.
     Navigation assistance is rendered by vessel request or by decision of Makhachkala Port VTS operator, particularly in strong weather conditions, and in case the devices necessary for safe navigation in particular situation are broken or absent at the vessel. Target tracking errors in Makhachkala seaport are the following:
     • bearings: ±0,6º;
     • distance: 30,0 metres;
     • course: ±2,0º;
     • speed: ±1,2 knots.
Оператор СУДС порта Махачкала
     The procedure and methods of navigation assistance including message frequency are agreed with the vessel. Both sides shall confirm the start and the end of navigation assistance operation. During the operation the vessel shall confirm receipt of information and recommendations from Makhachkala Port VTS and inform the VTS of its actions.
     Vessel traffic in the Makhachkala Seaport waters is controlled by Makhachkala Port VTS. Navigation control is performed by transmitting recommendations to vessel regarding:
     - priority and time to start movement;
     - route, interval and speed, in particular direction of vessel movement in the Bulk Cargo Harbor and Oil Harbor of Makhachkala Seaport;
     - order of vessels passing fairways and their intersections;
     - prohibition for further movement;
     - anchoring places and harbours;
     - actions to prevent existing danger.
     Communication between the Makhachkala Port VTS and vessels in Makhachkala Seaport is mainly performed by radio and telephone within the MMS VHF range.
     Makhachkala Port VTS can be reached at VHF Ch. 14, call sign “VTS Makhachkala”.  
     When under way in Makhachkala Port VTS Area vessels shall keep watch on VHF Ch. 14.
     VHF radio communication channels and radio telephone call signs for navigation safety in Makhachkala Port VTS 
Service Name VHF Channels Call sign Telephone
watch channel work
Makhachkala Port VTS of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Makhachkala Branch 16 14 VTS Makhachkala +7 (8722) 69-80-10 (24/7)
Makhachkala Seaport Master 16 5 Makhachkala Radio 5 +7 (8722) 65-09-63
State Port Control Inspection of the Administration of Caspian Seaports in Makhachkala Seaport 16 5 Makhachkala Portcontrol +7 (8722) 51-56-61 (24/7)
Man on duty at office of Senior Maritime Chief of Makhachkala Base Point of the Caspian Fleet 16 16 Quarta-06 +7 (872) 465-11-80
     Radio communication in seaport not connected to navigation safety at VHF Ch. 5, 14 and 16 is not permitted.
     Communication between Makhachkala Port VTS and vessels is performed in accordance with the Rules for Radio Communication of Maritime Mobile Service and Maritime Satellite Mobile Service of the Russian Federation approved by the Ministry of Transport of Russia by order No. 137 dated 04.11.2000. Radio and telephone communication with vessels is performed with the use of IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases approved by IMO Resolution А.918(22). Transmission of reports from vessels to Makhachkala Port VTS and the format of reports shall, if possible, comply with IMO Resolution А.851(20) General Principles for Ship Reporting Systems and Ship Reporting Requirements.
     Navigation dues are charged for the services with the use of Makhachkala Port VTS. Rates of navigation dues and charging procedures are described in the section “Harbor Dues and Tariffs of the Makhachkala Branch”.
     4. Statistics
     Information on the number of vessels in the Makhachkala Port VTS Area
Year Number of vessels under way in Makhachkala Port VTS area Including vessels making port calls to Makhachkala Seaport
2,809 613
2014 3,796 844
2015 8,953 1,829
2016 9,636 1,987
     5. Contacts
     For additional information on the terms and conditions of navigation services rendered by the FSUE “Rosmorport” Makhachkala Branch with the use of the Makhachkala Port VTS, please call:
     +7 (8722) 56-81-34 (available 24/7),
     or send a request by fax: +7 (8622) 56-81-33, or e-mail: mail@mcl.rosmorport.ru