Geodesic and Hydrographic Services

     1. General information


     The FSUE “Rosmorport” Makhachkala Branch renders geodesic and hydrographic services in the water area of the seaport of Makhachkala on contractual basis.

     In particular, the Makhachkala Branch performs bottom relief areal survey with multibeam echosounder with control tacks mapping using single beam echosounder.

     Survey materials are applicable for correction of nautical charts, guidelines and manuals for navigation, dredging works planning.

     To carry out the corresponding works, the Makhachkala Branch has highly qualified staff with a wide experience in the field of hydrography, and also necessary equipment and technical means:

  • Albatros hydrographic boat of Nautilus-800 project;
  • Automated surveying complex on the basis of Odom Hydrographic MB1 multibeam echosounder and Odom Hydrographic MKIII-E single beam echosounder;
  • DGPS receiver – vector GPS / GLONASS Hemisphere VS330;
  • Odom Hydrographic Digibar S Sound Speed Profiler.

     Materials processing is carried out by Hypack and Hysweep software (Version 2014).


Plotter Survey Aids to navigation location scheme Survey boat Operator working station


     2. Procedure for provision of Geodesic and Hydrographic Services


     You can order performance of hydrographic works by the Makhachkala Branch in the seaport of Makhachkala by sending a written application by the Makhachkala Branch fax: +7 (8722)51-80-36 or as a scan by email: The application will be considered by the Makhachkala Branch, and within 10 days a written response will be sent to the customer with indication of technical possibility, terms of implementation and cost of the requested works.  If the response is positive, a draft of standard contract will be sent to the customer for signing. The Contract signed by the customer shall be returned to the Makhachkala Branch at the address: Raduzhnaya st., 21, Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, Russia, 367000.

      The works are performed by the Makhachkala Branch in accordance with the technical task conditions, which is an integral part of the Contract, in terms and manners established by the Contract.


     3. Statistics


     Information on annual volumes of surveying works carried out by the Makhachkala branch in the seaport of Makhachkala.



Makhachkala Seaport





2016 - 414.2
2017 - 315.0
2018 - 418.7
2019 - 453.6
2020 - 410.0
2021 - 421.6
2022 315.4 313.6


     4. Contacts


     For additional information on procedure for provision of geodesic and hydrographic services by the Makhachkala Branch, please, contact by phone (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 (Moscow time), lunch break from 13:00 to 13:45):

     +7 (8722) 51-80-34, extension 202,

     or send a request by fax: +7 (8722) 51-80-36, or email: