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Makhachkala VTS successfully passed the regular inspection

Following the results of the regular inspection conducted by the Rosmorrechflot FSUE “Rosmorport” issued the Certificate of conformity dated 26.12.2023 No. VTS-2/1-3316-2023 on VTS Makhachkala compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation order dated 23.07.2015 No. 226 for vessel traffic control systems, submitted to the second category of VTS.

Earlier, since 2003, Makhachkala VTS successfully underwent inspection five times, and on the results of the inspections the enterprise had received the relevant certificates of conformity to the existing requirements imposed upon the operation of the VTS equipment.

The Makhachkala VTS complex includes the VTS center and VTS site integrated into it, both situated in the seaport of Makhachkala.

With the use of the Makhachkala VTS, vessels located in its area of operation are provided with comprehensive navigation services, and the following activities are carried out:
- vessels detection on approaches to the area of operation of the Makhachkala VTS, establishing communication with them, obtaining data about the vessel;
- transmission of navigation, operational and other information to vessels at the initiative of the operators of the Makhachkala VTS or at the request of the vessel;
- assistance in navigation;
- organization of vessel traffic, including the planning and establishment of vessel traffic modes in the Makhachkala VTS area of operation;
- vessel traffic control.

Every year, about 10,000 vessels are under control in the Makhachkala VTS area of operation, about a half of which are in average call at the seaport of Makhachkala.

For more information on the conditions and procedure for providing navigation services by the Makhachkala Branch using the Makhachkala VTS, see “VTS Services of the Makhachkala Branch”.