Port Infrastructure Facilities

     The FSUE “Rosmorport” Astrakhan Branch manages a wide range of coastal and port infrastructure facilities necessary for performance of the main activities of the branch, stipulated in Provision on the FSUE “Rosmorport” Astrakhan Branch.


     As of 01.01.2019 of 79 stationary property objects of different functional purposes located in the seaports of Astrakhan and Olya are:

  • hydraulic engineering facilities (berths) – 15 objects, of which:

          – in the seaport of Astrakhan 

          – in the seaport of Olya 

– 1 object;

– 14 objects;

  • underwater hydraulic engineering facilities (canals, roads, operational water areas) –  4 objects, of which:

           – Volga-Caspian Marine Shipping Canal;

           – in the seaport of Olya – 3 objects;

  • buildings and premises (administrative, industrial, utility domestic etc.) – 26 objects, which are located in the seaport of Astrakhan;
  • constructions and facilities (port infrastructure facilities, facilities of navigation safety systems, auxiliary destination facilities) - 34 objects, including:

          – in the seaport of Astrakhan 

          – in the seaport of Olya 

– 6 objects;

– 28 objects.

     All hydraulic engineering facilities of the Astrakhan Branch are berths. Of the total number of berthing facilities in the seaports of Astrakhan and Olya, the Astrakhan Branch berths hold 3.3 % and 100 %, respectively.
     The total length of the Astrakhan Branch berthing facilities quay wall is over 2.0 km, of which:

  • in the seaport of Astrakhan: 0.2 km;
  • in the seaport of Olya: almost 2.2 km;

     which is 5.1 % and 100 % of the total quay wall length of all berthing facilities in the corresponding seaports.