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Current Projects for Development of Port Infrastructure Facilities

     Port Infrastructure Facilities of FSUE "Rosmorport" under Construction or Reconstruction
     Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch

     Reconstruction of the Eastern Bulwark of Eysk Seaport 
     Construction of a harbor fleet station in Temryuk Seaport
     Reconstruction of passenger terminals No. 34, 34A of the coasting pier in Novorossiysk Seaport
     Reconstruction of the passenger pier in Tuapse Seaport (1st stage)
     Reconstruction of parts of the Northern protection mole (protecting structure No. 3) and of the Southern Protection Bulwark (protecting structure No. 4) in Kavkaz Seaport

     Azov Basin Branch
     Reconstruction of wharf No.1 in Kagalnik village (Lotspost) including dredging and construction of shore protection
     Construction of anchorage in Rostov-on-Don Seaport basin  
     Arkhangelsk Branch
     Construction of the Sabetta Seaport facilities on the Yamal Peninsula, including creation of a navigable access canal in the Gulf of Ob
     Reconstruction of sea areas A1 and A2 of the Global Marine Distress and Safety System on the approaches to Arkhangelsk Seaport
     Astrakhan Branch
     Reconstruction of sea areas A1 and A2 of GMDSS on the approaches to Astrakhan Seaport
     Murmansk Branch
     Reconstruction of the passenger terminal building in the Murmansk Seaport
     Construction of the Kandalaksha Bay VTS
     North-Western Basin Branch
     Construction of a berthing complex for moorage of icebreaking fleet in the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg
     Construction of berth No. 88 in the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg
     Construction of an access canal and operational basin of Bronka multi-functional marine transshipment complex in the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg
     Reconstruction of the Vysotsk Seaport VTS
     Reconstruction of an area of dam No.5 protection of the Kaliningrad marine canal
     Reconstruction of the Primorsk Seaport VTS
     Construction of a protective structure of the Southern basin of Ust-Luga Seaport
     Construction of Luzhsky Western basin in Ust-Luga Seaport
     Construction of auxiliary fleet base in Ust-Luga Seaport
     Second stage of construction of the operational basin for transshipment facilities in the northern part of Ust-Luga Seaport
     Construction of "Northern approach canal" in Ust-Luga Seaport, including facilities for bulk cargo and oil products transshipment
     Creation of the "Southern basin" of Ust-Luga Seaport and banking for auxiliary fleet facilities construction
     Construction of a container terminal basin in Ust-Luga Seaport 
     Reconstruction (3rd stage) of the navigation safety system at outer approaches to Ust-Luga Seaport
     Reconstruction of the Ust-Luga Seaport VTS